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Happy spring! If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is officially over; the Earth is tipping back towards the sun. In addition to providing light and warmth, the sun is the driver of photosynthesis, an important process that converts light energy into chemical e...

We know that omega-3s are a key part of your nutritional intake, helping to support heart, joint and brain health. But is it possible to make your health a priority without creating a negative impact on the planet’s ecosystems?

The highest-quality long-chain omega-3s EP...

Algae’s importance in the 21st century is in the news every week. From a possible source of clean biofuel to a nutrition solution for underserved populations, microalgae and macroalgae are being diligently studied all over the world.

We already know that algae contrib...

Decades of research support the idea that omega-3s, known as long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs), are vital to human health. For many people, intake of this important nutrient lags behind amounts recommended by both their governments and local health-focu...

Learning about omega-3s can be a confusing task. Data is available at touch of a button, but how can you know who to trust? While sorting through the different types of omega-3s, different sources, and different benefits, we recommend relying on the information availab...

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