advantages of omega-3

Omega-3, and the effects of EPA, have research-proven health benefits that people depend on each day for more energy, a healthy heart and a healthy mood. Qualitas Health is the first company to offer EPA-only Omega-3 from sustainably farmed algae with our premiere ingredient, Almega PL®.


While EPA and DHA fatty acids are both essential to maintaining good health, their structures are very similar and they compete for binding sites and for the essential enzymes required by the body to integrate them. Extensive scientific research has shown that Omega-3 food supplements containing maximum EPA and minimum DHA (a high EPA to DHA ratio) can have a significant positive effect on adult cardiovascular health, mood, and joint comfort.  

Unlike Omega-3 oil extracted from marine animals such as fish and krill, containing varying EPA to DHA ratios, Almega PL® contains only EPA and no DHA, thus delivering the highest possible EPA to DHA ratio for ease of formulary outcome. And unlike animal-sources of EPA, Almega PL® contains phospholipids and glycolipids (polar lipids) for the highest bioavailability of any omega-3 source. Read more about Almega PL® and supporting scientific studies here.

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