A Better Omega-3 User Experience from Almega PL(R)

Fish oil is a popular source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, an important element of your diet. But many people who try fish oil capsules find them objectionable! Two causes of their distaste?

  • The common – and dreaded – fishy burps

  • The large size of many fish oil derived omega-3 capsules

Almega PL, rich in EPA omega-3s, is derived from algae. At the base of the oceanic food chain, algae is the source of omega-3s for krill and fish.

Using algae to create a high-quality, long-chain omega-3 has eliminated the unpleasant side effects of fish-oil based products. Take a look at our video “A Little Pill Packs a Big Punch” for the full story!

Polar Lipids Change the Pill-Taking Experience

The polar lipid structure of Almega PL omega-3 is unique in the marketplace, as it contains both a phospholipid and a glycolipid. This means that Almega PL is both oil- and water-soluble. It is able to digest quickly in the stomach, and it is associated with fewer side effects like fishy burps. Rapid absorption into the bloodstream, also called bioavailability, means that the body can more readily use the omega-3s.

Water- and oil-soluble Almega PL (green) disperses quickly in the stomach, while fish-oil based omega-3 products break apart and float on the top of the stomach and gastric juices, causing fishy burps and an unpleasant aftertaste.

Although digestive enzymes and bile salts, such as from the liver and pancreas, assist in processing fatty acids in the body, less help is required for phospholipids. The unique structure of Almega PL’s polar lipids allows them to create micelles—the structure needed to transport fatty acids to the intestinal walls. Clinical studies have shown that polar lipids are more easily absorbed by the body than the triglycerides or ethyl ester structural forms of omega-3 commonly found in fish oil.

Because of the improved absorption, a smaller capsule can deliver the same amount of omega-3s into the body as a large fish oil (triglyceride or ethyl ester) capsule. These smaller capsules are much easier to swallow.

(For a deeper understanding of the properties of Almega PL’s polar structure and the important role of phospholipids in the human body, see our blog post.)

An Alternative that is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

In addition to eliminating the fishy aftertaste, algae-based Almega PL is 100% vegetarian, appropriate for everyone from vegans to fish-allergic consumers.

Almega PL is also sustainably grown and harvested, relying on solar power and water-saving measures to bring you the best-possible long-chain EPA omega-3 product. It’s safe, effective, vegetarian and sustainable!

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