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We see a future of unlimited health, for all people and our shared planet. As global populations boom, our algae-based nutritional products will serve as a new and sustainable staple for every lifestyle. At Qualitas Health, we provide solutions that use minimal resources with maximum output, so we can reach more people. Because having access to the best nutrition should be a right, not a privilege.

For the benefit of our planet, we have created a product that gives back. We use naturally available sunlight to grow our algae, relying on solar energy to support algal photosynthesis. Our algae-harvesting process is chemical-free and we recycle the harvest water back into the farming activities.

Our Mission


By 2050, global population will grow from 7 billion to 10 billion. To serve a growing population that craves better sources of nutrition, Qualitas Health offers a sustainable and scalable answer to this challenge.

Qualitas Health’s Commitment To The Future:

  • Our farms are 100% sustainable and scalable

  • We use unproductive land and salty water to farm our algae

  • The sun provides our main energy source (via photosynthesis)

  • Our farm produces protein, oxygen, micronutrients, and support for rural communities

Discover the potential of



Qualitas Health is a privately-held food and nutrition company that is on a mission to revolutionize the way we nourish humanity by unleashing the potential of algae. An industry leader in algae cultivation, Qualitas Health has developed a proprietary platform to launch fully-sustainable, vegan, algae-based nutritional products at scale.

Building on over 10 years’ experience in microalgae farming, cultivation and extraction, our scalable methods develop core nutrients that help all people lead a better life. This technology allows for the effective production of proprietary premium food and nutrition products for a wide range of health applications.

Having successfully completed several long-term pilot studies in Israel and the USA validating this technology, we’ve rolled out two commercial production farms.

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